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Open position

The salesman

Talent is the most important resource of enterprise, high-quality talent is the source of strength for the enterprise to create value, sustainable development, prosperous. We will create the first-class enterprise "first-class talent, as the enterprise talent cultivate first-class talent" first-class enterprise. "People-oriented" is our business philosophy has always been advocated. Cardone is in a period of rapid development, we look forward to more, more excellent talents.
"Stay the cause, the environment to keep people, keep people treatment, feelings keep people" is our consistent principle of the use of people. We believe in the cause of keeping, is to record macros cause bigger, to build a bigger stage, provide more development opportunities to talents; we emphasize environmental motivation, is to shape the "integrity-based, customer first, continuous innovation" the enterprise culture, construct the positive environment for talents in enterprises; we advocate that the treatment to keep people, because we believe that talents to create a good benefit for the enterprise, outstanding talents should obtain better returns; we pay attention to stay emotional, because we are in a personal capacity, to pay more attention to colleagues relations and team.

The salesman:
Work location: Guangzhou - Haizhuqu District
Work experience: two years or above
Education: high
Language: Cantonese, Putonghua Proficiency
Number: some

Job description
1 age 20-35 years;
2 technical secondary school degree or above, more than two years work experience, strong communication skills;
3 have more than one year of building materials, chemical products sales experience and active and serious working attitude, strong sense of service;
4 must have a driver's license;
The 5 work area: Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Hubei Province, Sichuan province;
The 6 condition is outstanding person can act as sales director.

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