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Mr. Kim LI

VP, Operation

Tel: +86 536 3080063

Mobile Number: +86 1358 3637 866

Email: lihuaqing@zhonghuichemical.com

HPLC grade acetonitrile
We supply the world class high purity acetonitrile (gradient, isocratic and preparative grades solvents for HPLC analysis and chemical/peptides purification). Looking forward to serving your needs in analytic, chemicals/pharmaceutical purification applications and reagent OEM service world wide.

  • World class quality and stability
  • Most competitive pricing
  • 3000mt capacity
  • Using own industrial ACN as feedstock (better quality and better stability)

Our gradient ACN is fully competitive with  Merck Lichrosolv/gradient and Fisher Optima products, which  enable our partners enjoy the growth of market share as well brand value.

Any inquiry or questions, you can contact Mr. LI, our VP at : +86 13583637866 or lihuaqing@zhonghuichemical.com

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