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Mr. Kim LI

VP, Operation

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Weifang ZHONGHUI Chemical Co., Ltd (Zhonghui Chemical) is a fine chemical company specialized in solvents manufacturing. It is located in the Binhai Economic Development Zone of Weifang City, near to the Weifang Port and G18 State highway. Weifang is called “the city of Kite”, a famous city in North China with over 9 million populations.

Established in 2008, Zhonghui Chemical has now a professional team of 90 employees (by 2017 Q3). The management team is pride of their years of experience of operation and manufacture. Before joined Zhonghui Chemical, most of them worked in large chemical companies such as Sinopec (CN) and Dow Chemical (US).

Our products, including acetonitrile, EGDA etc, are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, coating and analytic applications. We are now the leading manufacturer in China producing the high purity acetonitrile with own feedstock. Our current capacity of synthetic acetonitrile is 5000MT per year and we provide industrial grade as well as HPLC grade ACN for analytical, electronic and biopharmaceutical applications. The capacity of EGDA (solvents mainly used in coating industry) is up to 10,000MT.

Starting from 2017, we open a used solvent recycling facility (6000t/a) and therefore offer a used solvent treatment service to our customers, which help to reduce the total user cost of acetonitrile. We also utilize our know-how of high purity solvent manufacturing to provide equipment solution of used solvent treatment. In the latest case, we can purify the used solvent from insulin production into HPLC grade solvent and then be used again.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we have strict standards for our quality and good command of operation excellence. We target on meeting our customer needs and contentiously improve our capability of product development and quality management. We value and benefit from both the contribution of individual employee and the cooperation with external partners in terms of R&D, business development and operation excellence.

We take great efforts on brand building and IP protection. We have several patented production process to reinforce our competitive edge. Our well recognized trademark includes "中汇" (domestic market)and “CONVERTECH”(International market). We own 6 patents by Q1 2017.

As a responsible chemical enterprise, Zhonghui chemical cares about the long-term development of its employee as well the social responsibility. We invested heavily in the water treatment facility to enable us implement CLEAN PRODUCTION and eliminate pollution to the environment.

Our vision is to become the leading manufacturer of special solvent products with global competency. Our state-of-the-art technique, integrated supply capability, recycling services and equipment solution will enable us contribute to your business success worldwide. We, Zhonghui Chemical, are looking forward to be your most reliable supplier and partner to success.


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